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Chaparral Greece

Chaparral manufacturer | Pappas Bros

American company Chaparral built its first boat in 1965 in Florida, USA and since then it has make a name for building quality yachts as well as for implementing the latest innovations in manufacturing, changing and improving the whole yachting experience and life at sea.

During the recent years Chaparral has achieved a remarkable growth and this is evident by the opening in 2015 of its new manufacturing facility in the Corporate Campus of Nashville GA. That particular investment has added 65 new job positions of highly skilled and experienced professionals, continuing the company’s philosophy of opening new manufacturing facilities in places with skillful and specialized workforce, as it did back in 1976, moving its main offices in Nashville Georgia. Chaparral is an affiliate company of Marine Products Corporation, which is listed the New York stock exchange, under the initials MPX.

Chaparral Yachts is a top fibreglass boat builder offering 35 different models in its range with many of them winning multiple awards. They are ideal for enjoying water sports like rafting, rowing or fishing. If you choose to own one of these fine yachts it is more than sure that you will appreciate and enjoy the luxury and comfort of the boat as well as its top performance at sea with its powerful engines.

Chaparral Yachts in Greece

Greece is the perfect place to enjoy yachting with one of the 35 different models in Chaparrals range, which is represented in Greece by Pappasbros S.A.. Please contact us in order to get to know the company’s products and services as well as to find out the best way to enjoy yachting and yacht lifestyle with a Chaparral yacht. Before, during and after the purchase of a Chaparral yacht from Pappasbros S.A. you will experience the best products and services, suitable for the most demanding yachtsmen and boat owners.

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Used Chaparral Greece Yachts

Currently Chaparral does not have any yachts on our system. Please visit our cataloge at a later date.