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Flexiteek Greece

Flexiteek manufacturer | Pappas Bros

The Flexiteek on 2000 manufactures synthetic marine teak decking and boat flooring for boats decks. Years of searching and development of the product have brought the following results, light slip decking with low maintenance, this product has the advantage to be easy installed in every type of boat and keeping the 30% of the coldness from the sun compared with other synthetic decks.

The company with this way is leadering on the market and enjoys the trust and the preference more than 1000 industry boats like the Capelli, Delphia Yachts, Regal Marine and many more. The feature of the 5 candidate boats for the title HISWA Motorboat of the Year 2016 had decks of Flexiteek. When with slow pace your deck will become dirty, needs only little time with a high pressure washer to be again like new.

The Flexiteek emphasizes at the designing of the products to cover the classic and traditional taste, but also keeps the future style. You can choose inside of one the biggest colors palette the one that suits to your character and also in character of your boat.

Although the company constructed to have a perfect fit especially in ship decks, in practise, these products fits in every signle need of wooden floor, whether be for spas, or offices even for pools, and many other uses.

Flexiteek Yachts in Greece

In Greece the Flexiteek represents by Pappas BrosS.A. who is capable to change the deck of your boat with the ideal deck for you and Flexiteek, all the new inovations where carrying with terrific design according with your taste and the requiments of your ship. Communicating with Papas Bross.A. in Greece your questions will be solved about the deck of your boat and the presice characteristics of a Flexiteek floor, also you can inform about the guarantees accompanying.

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