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Nautique, began its activities in 1924 in Florida US and already in 1926 he was the first to boat trailer on a national basis. In 1942 the company expanded with a second plant in Titusville Florida case to strengthen the war effort of the season. The new plant enables the production of large cruise ships.

In 1945 General Eisenhower calls for construction of 400 ships in 15 days. It was a great challenge for the company, as it did not achieve this until then. With the development of an innovative production process, the goal was reached and since then the company has the reputation of a reliable and quality manufacturer. The National Geographic later call the then effort "A Miracle Production"

In 1948 the company started the construction of specially designed racing boats and in 1952 the know-how and the financial results of the company allow the construction of more and larger vessels. 1955 closes factory in Titusville to open new factory in Orlando in 1966. The company is challenging the new polyester material as suitable material for boats and invest in other innovations such as the vessel monitoring fins.

The Nautique continued with many technological innovations and awards in competitions, creating strong reputation and increasing production and sales. In 2005 a new plant 217,000 square meters in Florida starts production in 2009, the company is celebrating its construction total 200,000 vessels. The 2011 model Sport Nautique 200 is the first 100% electric boat company. Throughout the long course of history did not stop to lead and to increase its activities and fulfill its demanding targets.

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The Nautique is a historical boat manufacturer, with long history in sports racing boats. The official dealer Pappas Bros SA you learn that you need on how you will experience a Nautique boat and get it.

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