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Regal Greece

Regal manufacturer | Pappas Bros

On 1969 everything began like that when Paul and Carol Kuck became the first founders of the naval industry Regal. The situation starts going better when the first models of industry Kucks show up and soon the extension is starting in Florence of Orlando with one purpose the climax..

In 1973 came the energy crisis which hit the industry Regal of Kucks, but their loyalty to God make them to came out of crisis as winners and strongest as industry. The extension of industry Regal is beginning in Austria three years later. The stability at Regals industry comes on 1989 when the Regal commits to being a debt-free company business. After few years later on 1995 is taking place the inception of a award winner with specific plan of hull.

One year later the Faw Trac is taking place at the International Marine Trades Exhibit and Conference (IMCE) by taking the first place. The high quality of Regal products improve the company slowly but constantly too. The mother and founder Carol of Regals industry at 17 July of 2005 is leaving, one year later at 5 September of 2006 Paul Kuck is taking the same road, at the same year the company take the first place of customer services, because the service was unexpectable higher from the other industries due to the high quality of the boats and the speedboats of Regal.

The next year on 2008 Regal win for a second time in a row the award of strength. Immediately decides to extend their constructions by promoting the production of a new 52 feet flagship yacht and the facilities at 135.000 feet. The 2009 Regal wins for third time in a row the J.D award of strength, the company takes also the prize of Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Express Cruisers (24-33 feet).

Finally 40 years of success of Regal leads in the showroom which opens for everybody. This success continues until today by the children of Kucks, Duane Tim and Pam because the family is everything for Kucks.

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