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Robalo Greece

Robalo manufacturer | Pappas Bros

The Robalo manufactures more than 40 years of exceptional yachts. The requirements and technologies have changed though since the company is still on top. Since 1968 the company's production line out: sports boats, tow boats and cruise ships incorporating the latest technology, innovations are safe and have high performance.

The work done in addition delivers excellent results and major financial data, the company has assets of 110 million $ . So can and maintains offices and facilities needed to continue to innovate and develop. Generally in moving the crisis even more aggressively with investments will also generate better economic results, but mainly for the product board ,which would improve constantly.

The Robalo, seeks safety and the smile of a family on a trip to the Sea operations and therefore rejects conventional ideas and prefers field exceeding the expectations of its customers. The products manufactured by the craftsmanship of skilled engineering company and the technical group in the virtual world of CAD engineering and are shaped into the computer to original models and after many tests take shape and function for enjoyable trips of a family to delight costumers and families.

The authenticity is in every detail of the company's vessels never satisfied with the result. The Robalo design team is constantly working for the seamless coexistence of luxury, art, fishability and quality in every boat produced. However, the company does not stop to collect information from their customers and from competitors, so the passion for the best craft brings results and the company is increasing the quality and production.

Robalo Yachts in Greece

The Robalo represent in Greece by the company Pappas Bros SA and guaranteed to work with you to select the best possible boat as required by your activities and to formulate exactly according to your preferences, whatever these are.

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Used Robalo Greece Yachts

Currently Robalo does not have any yachts on our system. Please visit our cataloge at a later date.